About Bau

Bau is a spiritual person, who is connected to the pure world of aesthetic beauty of painting art and culture. He believes in values of originality and tries to imbibe the living traditions of people into art, which makes his pieces very unusual and unique.

At a recent Restoration inspection.

His art cannot be recreated because he loves creating very intricate, deep aesthetics for designing. The colors and imaginations spread the beauty of life with many diverse emotions and feelings.


The evolution of modern art in experimentation with glassware.

shades of autumn.

The experimentation with plaster of Paris resulted in Smooth functioning of brush to entrails with the concept of Modern Art.

“Plaster of Paris also resulted in fluffy touch on hand of Bau”

The story of rich saga of kings and queens, who once lived, is recreated with the beautiful chores of dances and festivals. The values of cultures are imbibed in the paintings designed in the most spiritual forms. With his age and maturity, he has learnt to connect with poems of artistic majesty in his creations.

The Restoration project lasted for 24 hours

Bau Stayed at the site inspecting each and every minute detail to ensure the era of art prevails keeping the heritage alive to nourish the memories attached with objects and articles.


“The Earthy fragrance developed by Bau in collaboration with Tantrick Art”

Art and craft is a way of expressing Exotic luxury by BAU (bhag chand) in all his endavours. The values associated with art are the love and respect for specific traditions imbibed over the generations which bless people. Art is a form of happiness. It is an expression of festivals and fairs celebrated in any country. The human expressions through colours and clothes speak about their personality and beliefs.  Bhag chand belives Art is also manifested through architecture, food, clothes and the lifestyle of people. The combinations of many arts- forms help to shape the beauty of any product available at Mr pav

His first works greatly resemble those of Indus Valley civilization, but with greater sensitivity and commitment. The very first scripts of linguistic on this universe. (Dating from  5500 BC)  AS, time proceed Bhang Chand made a move towards India and continued his work  with inspirations from ancient linguistic. His style evolved into a more personal and effective one over the years 1980-1985. Works of the early period include: amalgamation of Indian art fourms such as tantric and tanjore. The art was showcased in Frankfurt , Miami  and London.

the intrisic work

  • The Vrindhavan painting lasted for 16 months As Bau Described Lord Krishna was leaving the kingdom with his “rath” ancient means of transport and “Dasi’s” the women of house were trying to stop him from leaving.

  • Together with his mentor also regarded as his Guru, Bau worked on arciological artfacts extracted from the civilization. During these years bhag chand (BAU) incorporated paintings with linguistic on four corners. The Use of pure gold and silver in his paintings was at its peak. Something never seen before happened when he denounced the British Raj and advocated independence from Britain. As an exponent of the inspiration, he advanced a vast canon that comprised paintings, sketches and doodles, hundreds of texts, and some two thousand songs; his legacy also endures in the institution he founded to serve and foster coming generations.