About Manu

Manu is an artist, who cannot hear and talk but his eyes can crystallize all the living dreams of life. His hands are very professional in designing and developing paintings which bring magic to his existence. A life committed with children has given him a goal to create and makes things beautiful. Our association with him has helped to design the beautiful paintings of gods and spiritual sagas. Life is a beautiful journey for him.

Education for physically impaired programme by Mrpav is special depending on the disability. Some students have no restrictions on what they can do and learn, while others are extremely limited in their activities and require intensive medical and educational help says Manu. Its been 6 years since the doctors and scientific researchers at Mrpav are developing a sound empowering machine with the help of immense training to combat the physical impairment. A physical problem can hamper person mobility, harmonization, endurance, and learning abilities to such an extent that educational objectives are difficult to accomplish and special education intervention is required. For example, children with hearing abilities typically have deficits in gross and fine motor development as well as speech and communication problems. Some children have extremely incapacitating bodily conditions that result in low rational implementation, serious limitations in activities, and multiple primary handicaps. Others role in the average or gifted range intellectually and participate full time in regular classes.