About Suraj


Suraj is a great artist who specializes in designing bangles and jumkas . His miniature paintings on jewellery surprise the customers as he brings most beautiful creations. The little eyes and faces of mural art bring lot of detailing to his art form. The colors mixed with beautiful combinations bring a rainbow and dreamy impact. It is a surprise to see that any individual can be so committed to bring goodness in his creations. It requires lot of efforts to create miniatures of the total story of the royal saga once lived in our past generations.


Suraj is a prominent Indian painter who used to capture his daily life’s best moments on canvas. His works entrails people to be citizens of a universe where no boundaries define people and personalities.  He is single of the most renowned figures in the sphere of art, and an inspiration to many up-and-coming artists. Unlike many other generations of his times, Suraj observed his direct atmosphere, and painted it on canvas. His work is also known for the effective use of light. One of Suraj’s greatest  were in assistance was his work of art style, which was later termed ‘pre-historic art by Mrpav. No Artists has a similar style of painting were since then called preacher. The form of art was widely used in  all his art endavours because of one of his famous works in the field of pre-historic art. nothing like other paintings of its era, this painting seemed like an fragmentary outline, making it seem poles apart. Although MANU is regarded as a great artist by many others, he often criticized his abilities and bought the change manu was missing in his art. His judgment to turn out to be an artist made him face numerous physical and mental challenges in life. He cannot hear and talk but his eyes can crystallize all the living dreams of life. His hands are very professional in designing and developing paintings which bring