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The symbiotic values attached with the process of cannibalization includes farming hemp seeds, grading, sorting and quality checking before it can be used for edible and materialistic goods and services surrounding the new age crop which has been a essential crop since medieval times.


Cannibalization trend analysis through Emotional entourage commanded from the house of MRPAV 

All around the Macro sphere we have to take a space, which is near to customer’s residential areas. What is travel time taken to reach, space of parking available, interest of customers, neighbors? It is important that potential of that place, can give us return associated in cultivation and procurement of the high graded potent seeds in order to make the other aspects like power, status; everything is impacted by choice of location. So location analysis would involve quality shirts and materials jeopardized into an synergistic e retail analysis to flourish and foster the generations with the aspect of feel surrounding the relationship to place many factors.


Sustainability surrounding the concept cannabis exists since human survival because its are moral duty to conserve, preserve and nourish all human souls in order to jeopardize the resources of nature and build a harmony with the ecosystem so that the long term quality life is created with empowered scientific existence.

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