God and Empowerment

1. Catholic Art and God
Catholic art is visual expression of lessons. It is an art that defines faith, beauty and culture. Art that lifts the soul to God. This art portrays lives of the Virgin Mary, Christ and the saints in form of stories. Catholic art paintings inspire one with the truths Jesus taught. Artist here works as an imitator of God. Catholic art has played a good role in development of western culture. There are many who have no idea about their history and culture. The main subject of this art is disciplines, lessons, events, life and times of Christ. This art is said to be a way to see beauty of Christ and encourage one to move close to him. Art is a tangible picture that captivates a person’s mind and mood.It separates beauty and goodness. Here, beauty is art of perception and pleasure, where goodness is satisfaction of an inclination.
Catholics are very deep in praying and meditation. Some artists are inspired by teachings and lessons of their religion. They tried to present those lessons in a many ways, which includes sculptures, paintings, embroidery, metalwork and architecture. With the beauty of their creative mind, they come out with the work that is extremely impressive. Artist has that intelligence to see things sensitively, live with that perception and think differently. They show natural art that imitates God. They make the best and beautiful from their vision and creativity. The art done is beautiful, if the message that was conveyed is understood with joy, happiness and morality.
Art is reading a painting. One can stare as these for long time, as each picture depicts new story and lesson. Paintings take them to analyze the scene and decode the symbolic meaning from it. They are best to decorate living room, as its presence inspire us and gives an impression of our personality of who we are. It tries to take a person into its deep meaning with learning’s.

2. God Vishnu as a spiritual existence
God Vishnu is a spiritual metaphysical entity and is formless in its existence. Vishnu is derived from Brahma or the swayam. He is the preserver and protector, who protect the good from evils. The Hindu mythology believes in the power of god to bless their life with the virtues of positivity. He is accompanied with goddess Laxshmi, who is prototype of wealth creation. Vishnu is Vedic deity and finds reference in the hymns of Rig-Veda, which are divine books of gods. He is Supreme Being supporting earth and heaven. God Vishnu separates the heaven and earth. Vishnu and Inder, produce sun, which is the source of energy and light for all the living beings on the earth.
Vishnu is the equivalent of Prajapati, described as the protector and preparator of womb, giving birth to life. Vishnu’s temple of the sixth century in Nepal known as Trivikarma. The Hindu temples of Ajana Ellora also depict the Trivikrama. Vishnu is the essence of all living things and permeates all the objects and life. He is present in all things and makes them eternal. The Upanishads believe in the value of god and highlight that Narain and Ram are the avatars to build the metaphysical activity. The earth and cosmology are regulated by god Vishnu. The supreme reality of the world is Brahma and it builds the fragrance and essence of life. The value created for life is the foundation for the existence of the universe itself.
The god Vishnu can also takes the form of radar to destroy the world. The destruction and absorption of the world can be done to rebuild the world to start a new kalpak. The various avatars of the Vishnu appear to build goodness in the world in form of:
• Ras – Lela
• Megh – Varna
• Gopal – protector of cows
Mulri -Manohar -steals hearts of people by singing with of flute. Lord Krishna is the super human personality. The Vedic literature describes Ras Leela as a pure passion as a form of devotion for god. The Brahma lives a life time of 100 years.