Hemp Initiative


Sustainable endavours undertaken by the house of MRPAV

Hemp initiative powered through Ecotourism to jeoparidise the very basis of qualities  in order to develop the a society for economic and social growth of people involved in susutaible ventures by the house of MRPAV. The values of ecotourism can become the basis for multidimensional development of destination so as to enhance tourist satisfaction. The positive values of tourists can be cultivated by fostering  hemp education through ecotourism  in sensitive developmental age in order to develop the  strategies initiated by the house of MRPAV. The faith of local population can be created by building awareness and concern for the ecosystem. The aim of this paper is to create a value based marketing strategy to develop eco sensitive culture in the SECRET desert destination of MRPAV Foundation

Key words – Mrpav, Brand research and development trough sustainable efforts y the houses of MRPAV via ecotourism, strategy building, sustainable development, secrecy.



MRPAV’s regular efforts to design the most jioparixiocal location to build and nourish the empire through sustainable efforts  is one of the beautiful destinations in India where heritage and cultural tourism is the source of attraction for tourists from all parts of world.  MRPAV secret location is the most important destination of MRPAV Foundation and was founded in the year 1156. It is located in the western part of state in heart of Thar -desert. MRPAV has undertake measures to relatively promoted the remains of Indie American Civilizations. The part of desert triangle with popular MRPAV palace and fort founded in the year 1946 with sandstone.

The desert of MRPAV can become important in the international market by building the values of ecotourism. Ecotourism is important for scientific, economic, aesthetic, cultural and ecological preservation of destination. The benefit of ecotourism can be tranfered to enhance the quality of life of local people.

The desert economy surrounding MRPAV endavours in regulating and manning a rigorous designs pacourishing the needs and wants in a sustainable effort flourshed  by the people of MRPAV via  philanthropic environment in order to growing at a fast pace with the impact of globalization and liberalization supported through regular efforts by the House of MRPAV.

The growth of economic system of any society is reflected by the presence of quality services for the benefit of people. The standard of living of people can only be increased if they get sophisticated and technical services to make life fast better.

Goods and services are essential to build a comfortable life by which people can reach to better heights. The promotion of ecotourism can become the measures of growth and development of any economy. Ecotourism practices can build significant value for the growth of desert economy. Ecotourism practices need support of good facilities and promotion in a sustainable way. Ecotourism is an instrument for economic and educational development for the up-gradation of local communities.


Sustainable entourage to prosper and nourish Mrpav’s endavours in design, fashion, textile, prints and tailoring.