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Volunteering for sustainable development and change
The individuals and the youth of the society can connect themselves to the endeavours where the they can act as the bridge for community development. It is a kind of psychological connection for creating a community which is like your imaginations. The identification of the self can be created by serving others for building the best in the world. Volunteering is form of conscious art of connecting with the environment to behave positively and believe in the spiritual powers of nature. The earth has enough for everybody and this can build a better quality of life for people, if they stop exploiting the ecosystem. Art also has form of evolution from the Hindu mythology where it teaches the worship trees such as peepal Tulsi. These plants are considered holy, as they protect human life by bringing the spiritual connection with god. The law of Karma according to Vedas believes in the law of cause and effect where human actions build positive societies based on social trust for creating green ecosystem where gods can survive. The greenery is important for animal and human existence.
Service done with positive indentations can build pleasure and power for designing the world of your dreams. The online volunteer community of is undertaking a variety of assignments for building research and online mentoring for publications of literature through editing and connecting in this era of internet networks.