1. Investment is important for human life
Investing is important for human life as it increase the empowerment and the value of resources which we have collected over the years. Investment can be both tangible and intangible. We can investment in collecting knowledge, values and goodness in our life by investing in little positive deeds. Investment in wealth can enhance the appreciation over the years. Collection of any art can be source of happiness and can build a remembrance of an era and time which our ancestor possessed. Our life is journey of creating, collecting and investing in good things and so has developed a forum to help people for this adventure of investing in good things to enhance prestige and status in life.

2. Collection for luxury
Collection of luxury items, for most people is form of satisfaction to connect with pride. The values of our personal interest are displayed through what we wear. This also gives us form of inclusion to connect and associate with the groups in parties and social gatherings. Here, the value is not reflected by the price which we pay but it is a respect for a particular item. The monetary value is irrelevant for the collectors as they associate themselves with the love and affection to nourish the art and culture.

3. Motivations for collecting luxury
The basic motivation for people to build collections is to bring the positivity in life where pride and faith helps to connect with life in a better way. Mr gives opportunities to acquire unusual items of art and heritage by giving immense satisfaction.