MrPav Membership & Subscription

MrPav Tribe
only $100
The esteemed customers who want to connect with the tribe of MrPav need to subscribe our membership for $100 for customers. This membership will give you an advantage of getting a discount of 30 percent on each product purchase. We will be able be make you a part of our family to give the best solutions for your customized needs. If you hunt for five purchases you can collect a reward of a surprise gift. (Hint: the surprise gift is something never seen before)
MrPav Box Club
only $30 per month
MrPav Box Club MrPav Club is proud to offer a monthly Box-subscription for fans who love to show their box possession as prestige to get exclusive offers which are not sold anywhere and are designed to bring prosperity and positivity in your life. The subscription is only $30 a month where this can bring you a new Box every month sent to your door, including tax and shipping.
MrPav Premium
only $1000
Premium membership consist of affluent customers which have a responsibility and duty towards themselves and uplifement of society, caste, color, creed, culture, religion. The esteemed members are privileged with a flat 25% discount on every purchase. Once the member reaches 5 sales they are allowed to enter a special stage where they get a chance to be part of the women philanthropreneur in every purchase they make.
MrPav Gold
only $10000
The Gold membership comprise of individuals with a zest to live life to its full extent, the esteemed members of the universe who have achieved the economic and spiritual prosperity. Flat 35% off on all purchase. Once the member has completed 5 orders they get a chance to be part of the innovative education program for kids to foster coming generations. (part of the secrecy project)