Modern art is different from the traditional art painting. It is a hybridized art, derived from other disciplines in radical way. Modern art is not based on traditional and old art, but it depicts the scene of modern life in a new way. Their work shows innovation and creativity in their paintings. Modern art showcases artist’s interest in rejecting traditional styles and values, and re-imagining the modern life and styles. Art does not change overnight, but it evolves with the various events happening in the modern society. Modern art represents new approaches for making their painting, sculptures, and performance. It portrays the picture of creative world’s response for new lives and styles. With change in new technological environment, the way people behave in this society is different from the way they used to. This art represent experience of new modern life in innovative ways Painting is a unique art of creating stories through pictures, where the inner emotions and desires of artists are depicted through his portrait. The value of art lies in form of creation, where the artist immerses himself in the pool of deep creativity for making his painting immortal. The traditions of art are derived from the various sources such as stories, events, activities, history, culture and diverse forms of dances. It can depict various civilizations, where the expressions and ideas are the record of living traditions of people. Painting is a form of enjoyment and a statement of luxury for people to possess .It builds the prestige and status of the people because if reflects the respect towards a particular philosophy of life.
The subjects of the artist include the visible world. He can use the landscape of people and processes. Painting derives the traditions from literature and history where unique depictions recorded build the world of is a happening place to build and groom painting as pure and spiritual form of art to give satisfaction to the artists.