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An insider report from the the house of MRPAV

Involvement – is a customer’s perception of importance, personal relevance, objective of activities, of ideas to be taken up. It is matter of degree by which customers get involved. It is higher, when outcome of decision affect company sales. It is higher when perceived satisfaction is high. The  impact can  create an involvement by building concept of self-relevance. The personal level impact of customer involvement is more to build the concept of self-identity.

Situational self-relevance through MRPAV – is built up to promote the  sustainable livelihood.



This is a temporary feeling of self-reliance to special external impacts. But, to feel an impact of building value relates to self-identity. Status symbol is an important. Factor affecting product involvement  


Deliberating alternatives

  • Incidents of involvement
  • Possible result of this involvement.


Person factor- relate to

  • Need
  • Importance
  • Interest

Stimulus factors relate to

  • Differentiation of alternatives
  • Source of communication
  • Content of communication.


Situational factors- relate to

  • Purchase
  • Occasion use.


Involvement -is with advertisement,   products and purchase decision. The result is addiction to increase interaction with ads. It is

  • effectiveness of adds to induce purchase
  • Relative importance of product class.
  • Perceived difference in products attributes.


Preference for particular brand  –  influence of price on brand choice, amount of information search, time spent in deliberating alternatives and type of decision rules used are in choice.


Involvement is a function of person, situation and object. The customer could only be involved, if product quality is of high level.

The effects of product involvement are able to build customers who are

  • knowledgeable
  • attached to company
  • Able to consume products to enhances sales.

The strategy to increase involvement of customers is make product where they can relate to and use it


The management job in marketing is involved where strategic planning has to be done. This results into marketing planning. Marketing planning involves

  • Control of marketing program
  • Implementation of marketing program.


This will conceptualize impact of product in market. The marketing mix is necessary to build product acceptance in market. The marketing mix for target segment audiences relate to

  • Product
  • Place
  • Price

Products reach to consumer is by distribution channel. So product knowledge has to be understood by sales people. The customers could get attached with products. The association of sales- people to understand distributional channel is also important because he has to place product in this channel, so that the customer can buy. Understanding product also involves understanding of channels.



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