Antique Lader Bag




Leather is a durable and flexible material created by tanning animal rawhides, mostly cattle hide. It can be producet at manufacturing scales ranging from cottage industry to heavy industry.its used is goods ,footwear ,Automobile seats ect. It is also used in. The laptop bag is curetted with influences which dates back to 5000bc
The leather bag is made with ergimally produced leather without harming the nature and animals ‘’
An Animal conservation community near the foot hills took active sport in procurement of organic leather the community has undertaken sustainable endeavors in science and health environments to engine wild life and same endangered species
Stylistic consetiency
The pure brown leather depicts the wrinkles and the texture with metal buckets to suit this era of
Power and Exclusivity
Relationship to place :
The sanke dynasty design along with sturdy metals to enhance the look.
The article is uniquely Wrested with hands and it book over 3year for the material to reach its ability to concerted into a bag
The community gathered and Suppeted to produce only 1 beg to maintain its identily and hard work
The article is certified by a leather historial with experience of above 18 year in leather goods and its history
Part of the dusk
Photography project


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