King Desing Bangal From Mr Pav




The bangles are hand painted and signify the attire and the culture of Rajasthan. The bangles comes with acient kundan art form which is hard to master. The bangles will add up to your quality of life, as they carry out an ancient design that portrays a sense of self esteem in people carring them.

• Made of sea shall and chalcedony
• Bangle contains depctions of 15th century King-Queen art form.
• Made originally sourced material which is cannot be found again.
• The article is created by hands with love of labour.
• This is the atypical form of art which is hardly ever found anywhere.
• Size: 2cm x 8 cm
• Design: king desing

1. Inherited from the acient specie of my to logical concept of king dynasty.
2 .Clean and perfect cut.
3. Precious fine gem.
4. Exclusive Collection a part of king heritage to keep the tradition and
Culture alive
As famously quoted in mugal culture
5. `they say even the moon feels hides in front of the women wearing in jewellery “’
6. This is a part of dusk project by the photographer to potray authenticity of jewellery.


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