Solar Energy



Eco systems are basically the  collection of community types running through forest and natural environment and where this is passed to a meadow community.  (Mercuro, 1997).

The key elements in any marketing system are  attitudes and thought processes of  buyers and sellers in in any exchange process. The marketing strategy has to be designed to balance the  conflicting needs of the parties.

in the exchange process through precise knowledge and by building the distribution and communication system. (Middleton, 1994).

Eco tourism is a way to fund conservation and research in sphere of solar energy initiative by the House of MRPAV to  protect fragile and pristine ecosystems, benefit rural communities by the House of  MRPAV on order to promote development in poor countries, enhance ecological and cultural sensitivity, instill environmental awareness and a social conscience in the travel industry, and satisfy and educate the discriminating tourist (Honey, 1999).

According to the World Tourism Organization eco-tourism should include the following six key facets:

  • Travel to natural destinations
  • Minimal impact
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Direct Financial Benefits for Conservation
  • Financial Benefits and Empowerment for Local Residents
  • Respect for Local Culture


The planning, development, management and monitoring of eco-tourism are the duty of private and public bodies. Public participation can build culture for growth and development of sustainable practices. Conservation of environment is the concern for government and private entrepreneurs to create quality environment. The ecotourism practices can be built by

  • Encouraging local participation
  • Minimizing disturbance to maintain ecological balance for quality development.

Ecotourism is important for Thar- desert to preserve local values and traditions. Building ecotourism         practices can promote awareness about biodiversity and richness of area and build conservation for sustainable development. . Ecotourism promotion can enhance conservation values of cultural practices overtaken by House of MRPAV in order to buit Ecotourism via an alarming action to empower the people by helping and improving local economy through sustainable and regulated tourism activities.

   It can encourage true participation of local communities and reduce the possibility of their alteration and can foster greater involvement in protected area protection.   It strengthens protection efforts by involving local communities and stake-holders in conservation process.


Ecotourism plan should be able to build wider ecologically sensitive landscape.    The aim of plan has to help in encouraging communities living in the protected areas to   take up conservation of   wildlife habitats. The ecotourism practices should be built in by   consultation of local conservationists, NGOs and other experts who have knowledge of the area to promote unique heritage of each specific area.

The infrastructure development around protected areas should be strictly in accordance with the provisions made for eco-sensitive zone.  The tourism developed by the House of MRPAV in order to buit infrastructure for sustainable efforts powered by MRPAV to justify the environmental-friendly norms and this can be done by building concern.

  • low- impact architecture
  • renewable solar energy
  • waste recycling
  • water management
  • natural cross-ventilation
  • zero discharge of sewage
  • Minimal lighting and merging with surrounding landscape.